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Transforming businesses with Computer Vision AI.

We simplify computer vision development and build cutting-edge AI for various industries to automate tasks and enhance products or services.

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Enterprise Video Analysis Platform

Working with visual data? Need computer vision (CV) integration? Our enterprise-grade platform offers specialized CV tools for video analysis, enabling you to build cutting-edge CV applications with or without an in-house team. Speak with our founders to learn how we can tailor our solution to your specific needs and accelerate your video analysis initiatives.

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Computer Vision Sports Infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge computer vision into sports to automate data extraction, insights, and analysis. Transform your club facilities, broadcasting, media, sports team, software applications, etc..

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Additional Revenue

Provide the latest, in-demand computer vision features such as auto-highlights and personalized statistics as a club offering to your members.

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Fair Matchmaking

Host tournaments and engage more members effortlessly through our matchmaking system.

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Minimal Overhead

We support different camera setups to avoid expensive upfront costs and are open to integrations with any software (club management, court scheduling, API, etc) your club already uses.

Computer Vision AI Solutions for Sports

General Solutions

Our goal is to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art AI research and real world applications by simplifying the ML development process and building computer vision for emerging industries.


We’ve pioneered cutting-edge computer vision technology across multiple industries including ecommerce, insurance, and sports. Schedule a call with us to leverage our experience to build custom solutions for your business.

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Check out 20+ advanced computer vision solutions ready to use out of the box through our API.

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Computer Vision Development Platform

Create custom computer vision functionality powered by the latest zero-shot learning advancements in just 30 seconds and manage deployments with our API dashboard.

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