Computer Vision Tools for Sports

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge computer vision into sports to automate data extraction, insights, and analysis. Transform your club facilities, broadcasting, media, sports team, software applications, etc..

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The Future of Sports Analysis

Our computer vision technology provides insights for coaches, players, and fans. From automated game analysis to personalized training, we're transforming the way members understand and interact with the game.

Additional Revenue

Provide the latest, in-demand computer vision features such as auto-highlights and personalized statistics as a club offering to your members.

Fair Matchmaking

Host tournaments and engage more members effortlessly through our matchmaking system.

Content Marketing Machine

Skyrocket your club’s online presence in the era of short form content through member auto-highlight creation.

Streamlined Coach and Player Relations

Allow coaches to manage their players’ stats, video footage, and feedback all in one place.

Video Infrastructure Support

Capture video from multiple angles and leverage advanced computer vision to analyze the game -- automatically identify players, score games, recognize key events, and extract insights all from just your footage.

Register Your Club

register on platform

Create a domain for your sport club(s) on our platform.

Members will be able to sign into your club’s domain to get personalized results and clips.

Connect Cameras

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Any camera set-up works. As long as the entirety of the court is in view, camera is at least 30fps, and quality is HD.

We recommend on-site cameras at each court as members can record gameplay hands-off.

Contact us to learn more about how cameras would work specifically at your club.


Result Delivery

  • Members view personalized statistics through ezML’s platform or app.
  • Integrate ezML’s processing results into your club’s app or website.


  • Connect the court management software you already use into the ezML platform to know when to record and process.
  • Have your members use our mobile app to control when to process their play.

Custom integration

We are open to any kind integration that would work with your club.

Key Features

We offer a range of innovative features designed to unlock the full potential of sports analysis.

Inactivity Filtering

Automatically crop dead gameplay for footage of action moments, like rallies and scores.

Auto Highlights

Easily find and share all the most exciting moments from your games.

Coaching Tool

Coaches can directly comment feedback on video timestamps to players on the platform.

Player Statistics

Get detailed player and game statistics report after each match.

Event Tracking

Seamlessly identify which player was responsible for each action and assign points/faults accordingly.

Automatic Score Keeping

(For applicable sports), automatically keep track of score of games.

Automatic Matchmaking

Accurately match-make club members to create a fair and engaging sport game experience.

Allows ability to create fair tournaments and match-ups.

Video Management

Manage your cameras and the computer vision processes that run.


We are in the process of establishing a competitive pricing model. Contact our sales team to receive a quote!

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